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Summer Speed Training

TCMA Virtual Summer Speed & Strength Training Program


Stronger together, even if running apart.  This virtual training program is an opportunity to stay connected to the running community while receiving expert training focused on building speed and strength. 

8 weeks to a stronger, faster you.



DATES: July 6th - August 30th (8 weeks)

OPEN TO ANYONE and EVERYONEWhether you are front of the pack, back of the pack, newer to running or an experienced runner, workouts can be modified for your personal pace and ability.  This program is not recommended for someone completely new to running.



  • 2 running workouts each week to be run on your own or safely with others following Washington State’s current parameters for social distancing.
  • 2 strength training workouts per week delivered via an online app to complete at your own time.
  • Open communication and access to your coach.
  • Access to a PRIVATE Facebook group.
  • Newsletter with training tips.



  • Online registration opens Monday, July 15th and closes Monday, July 6th
  • Cost: $40
  • No refunds given after the start of training


Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions


REGISTER (opens Monday, June 15th)



  • Running workouts designed by a USATF Coach to improve your personal pace and speed.
  • Strength workouts delivered via an online app so you can workout from home or a gym at a time convenient for you.
  • Functional, runner specific core strengthening and stability exercises with tips, cues and video demonstrations.
  • No gym necessary. A pair of dumbbells, resistance band, and GPS watch recommended.
  • Stay motivated, get connected and get moving!




Where the Magic Happens

Your comfort zone is well, comfortable, but not a lot of growth happens there.  Speed work is meant to challenge you and get you outside of your comfort zone.  It's where the magic happens!  This program will challenge you to step in that place where the magic occurs, to push yourself, but always at an intensity and pace that is appropriate for you.