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TCMA Crown of the Sound 13.1 Series

Throughout the year we have 6 events that include the half marathon distance:

St. Paddy's Day Run Half Marathon

Tacoma City Marathon - Half marathon

Tacoma Narrows Half

You Go Girl! Half Marathon

Defiance - 30K

Santa Runs Tacoma - The Santa Half Marathon


If you complete any 4 of these 6 races in 2014 you will receive a special TCMA Crown of the Sound 13.1 Series medal.

We will also keep score and will award age group winners of the series with age group ribbons.


** Update**

The first two races have been completed and you can find your score by clicking >>HERE


Here is how it works:

The TCMA Crown of the Sound 13.1 Series starts with St. Paddy's Day and you can pick any 4 of the races mentioned above to complete the series. If you don't run St. Paddy's Day Half Marathon and Tacoma City Marathon's Half marathon, you will need to complete the other 4 half marathon distance races to complete the series.

Please note that the You Go Girl Half Marathon only counts as a finish for men. It does not count the score, as men are not receiving age group results for this race.

So, men who run You Go Girl! Half Marathon as one of their four races will get the medal, but will not be able to use the age group place for their overall Crown of the Sound score.

Longer distances like the Tacoma City Marathon or the Defiance 50k do not count. The series will only count races in the half-marathon distance (13.1 miles) or the 30k.

Only races completed in 2014 count in this series.

Only races completed will count - being signed up but not running will not be counted.

TCMA Crown of the Sound 13.1 Series scores and updates will be available here on this page and will be updated after every race that counts towards the series.

Crown of the Sound medals will be distributed at Fleet Feet Sports in February 2015.  Sorry, this is a long wait, but we want to make sure we will get enough medals for all Crown of the Sound runners.

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